The Miizzzard is a performance-art project in becoming-other.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

GCPM at EKE 2008

The final performance of the Gold County Paper Mill!

The Owl Minions of the Gold County Paper Mill summon the Miizzzard as a sacrifice to Moloch's Capitalist Agenda, but his innate Sublimity overcomes!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hyper Distribution List

All three Hyperboxes can be purchased by e-mailing me at markphensel at gmail dot com or by checking the Atomics Book online catalog and searching for Hyperbox. Or visit these fine establishments:

Austin Books, Austin, TX
Omni #1-2, Trash

End of an Ear, Austin, TX
Hyperbox #1-3

Okaymountain, Austin, TX
Hyperbox #3

Domy Books, Houston, TX
Trash, Hyperbox #1-3

Quimby's, Chicago, IL
Hyperbox #1-2

Atomic Books, Baltimore, MD
Hyperbox #1-3

Rocketship, Brooklyn, NY
Hyperbox #3

Hyper Reviews

Review of Trash by Xypha P

Review of Hyperbox #1 by Jog

Review of Hyperbox #2 and #3 by Jog

Review of Hyperbox #3 by the Comics Reporter

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