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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Posts Exported

I've exported all the posts for this blog to my new blog. I'm going to delete this blog in a week, so update your subscription or bookmarks if you so desire.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Moving On

This blog has been moved and merged into the new hypercastle. Please update your RSS feedz and bookmarx.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Here's the cover and a couple of pages from my new comic FROGHEAD HANGOVER that I'll have (pending pickup from the printer tomorrow) to trade at MoCCA 2009! The comic is a true story from when I was living by myself in a small apartment in Austin back in 2006 ... When I get back to the ATX I plan on screenprinting a different cover for the for-sale version!

Froghead Hangover Front Cover

Cover for the trade edition.

Froghead Hangover Page 5

Page 5 - Dr. Chuch do you remember when you lived in Austin? Those were the days ...

Froghead Hangover Page 10

Page 10.

If you'll be at MoCCA and you're exhibiting, be prepared to be handed a copy! Here's what I look like:

My Face Paint

Folk #2

I just received Folk #2 by Tyler Stafford in the mail on Monday. I ordered it after I read the review on Optical Sloth, who, by the way, is well on their way to doing one minicomic review a day in 2009!

I was waiting to do a scan on one of the pages before I posted about Folk #2, but the venerable Shawn Hoke already took care of it for me:

Just check out the backgrounds in this page, especially the lower-right panel! I love how much detail Stafford puts into his environments, I usually just put in some generic mountains or fill it in with black ... something for me to think about ... Anyway all of y'all should order Stafford's comics, available through his etsy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Cartoon Utopia Drawings

Ron Rege Jr posted some new drawings in his cartoon utopia series yesterday! It's a really fantastic project, here's a bit from his explanation of the ideas behind the project:

"At the beginning of 2008 – I started to create a series of numbered 4x6 inch drawings as an exercise - to start to flesh out ideas for a kind of 'science fiction universe' that I’ve been slowly imagining over the last few years - the idea of a 'Cartoon Utopia...'"

I love the idea and I love the drawings, Ron Reje Jr has always been a force for good in this universe, everyone should buy the Cartoon Utopia mini he just put out!

Sam Gaskin @ Sunday Comics

The always hilarious Sam Gaskin has a bed-time comic over at the Sundays comics blog, go check it!

Fav line:

"I'm a pajama jamma!"

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've submitted a half-pager to the all-comics newspaper SMOKE SIGNAL that the comic store Desert Island in Brooklyn is gonna put out. Here's a panel from my strip, called SHAMANMAN:


If you want to see the rest, help make SMOKE SIGNAL a reality by coming out to the fundraiser, tomorrow (Memorial Day) at Union Pool! There'll be a concert featuring

Uninhabitable Mansions
Boogie Boarder

Doors open at 7, it costs $8 to get in - all proceeds go towards printing costs!!!

Union Pool is located at 484 Union Ave in Brooklyn, NY (718) 609-0484, right near the Lorimer L + Metropolitan G train stops.

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