The Miizzzard is a performance-art project in becoming-other.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Cartoon Utopia Drawings

Ron Rege Jr posted some new drawings in his cartoon utopia series yesterday! It's a really fantastic project, here's a bit from his explanation of the ideas behind the project:

"At the beginning of 2008 – I started to create a series of numbered 4x6 inch drawings as an exercise - to start to flesh out ideas for a kind of 'science fiction universe' that I’ve been slowly imagining over the last few years - the idea of a 'Cartoon Utopia...'"

I love the idea and I love the drawings, Ron Reje Jr has always been a force for good in this universe, everyone should buy the Cartoon Utopia mini he just put out!


Jak Cardini said...

notice the monk with hair for a face in the lower right corner?

Mark P Hensel said...

The lower right corner of which drawing? I looked thru them all and I didn't see anything.

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