The Miizzzard is a performance-art project in becoming-other.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hyperbox #1 !!! (pre-vu)

Hyperbox Cover

Hyperbox Page 1

Hyperbox Page 2

Hyperbox Page 3

Hyperbox Page 4

Hyperbox Page 5

Copies available starting Jan 15th. E-mail if interested. Also available at End of an Ear, north of Oltorf on the east side of South First, Austin, TX; and Domy Books, next to Brazil at Dunlavy and Westheimer, Houston, TX. Cost: $3.

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The Miizzzard is a performance art project in becoming-other. Comics and drawings by William Cardini. I've merged my two personal blogspot blogs (folk sci fi and hypercastle) into one superblog:

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