The Miizzzard is a performance-art project in becoming-other.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Origins of the Miizzzard

Full of Vim and Vigor.

"The Miizzzard no longer exists. He died circa 400,000 B.C.E. while trying to discover the transformative secrets of the Space Yetis.

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His ghost haunts the digital realm and possesses various weavings and synthetic fabrics in the material world in an attempt to recreate Scriabin's 'Mysterium,' a Gesamkunstwerke that destroys this earth to give birth to another.

"He is a figment, a warm bowl of minty fig meat topped with a spoonful of cold jellied plum.

"I have also heard that, although he has lived out only twenty-three years, the path that he traces thru spacetime is discontinuous: he shook to Marie Curie's radioactive boogaloo, procured pamphlets from Le Sony'r Ra in Chicago, was a starving outcast with Grettir Armundarson on Drang Isle and pissed blue thanks to Yves Klein. His last known location was drunk out of his mind at the Deep Eddy Cabaret, singing karaoke alongside the shade of Rrose Selavy.

"All we can know for sure is that he's a weird guy."

-from William Cardini's biography of the Miizzzard, "A Neo-Archaic Man"


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so who's this willie cardini and why does he know so much?

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